Hello world!

I doubt I am the first to use that title, but the geek in me insists.  It was the first thing we made appear on the screen way back when I was taking BASIC programming.  🙂

Thank you for joining me on this venture.  It looks to be an interesting one, and we shall see what will come of it.

Items sold here will help support my family as well as a charity with which I am deeply involved.

For the past years I have worked outside the home but now find myself between jobs/contracts/employment.  I am endeavoring to get this up and running fairly quickly, and to use it  to offset the current lack of regular income.

This post is a direct copy of the first one from the provided blog at CraftIsArt.  I had been mulling it over throughout the day and decided that I do need an actual blog that is a bit more robust than what they offer.  It has it’s purposes, yes, but I am after a little bit more.

The various places around the web that you can find AblyAnnie are:

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