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Mom’s visit

With the arrival of spring comes spring break and mom’s annual visit.  

Here are munchkin and I waiting for mom at the airport.

It worked out this year that the local festival and the quilt show was the same weekend that she came in.  So the quilt show Quilts By The Bay was our first stop (not counting going by thhouse to drop off her suitcase and have lunch).  

As always the quilts were exquisite.  My favorite was titled All Souls Night and included some beautiful beadwork.

Here’s a slideshow of some of them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The quilt show also has a garage sale room.  Mom came back with a few fat quarters and and couple pieces of yardage for $1.75. Plus theyvwere giving away hard cover books with every purchase.   I found a few pieces as well with my total being $4.75.  

Monday entailed lunch at the Mexican placecwe like, a vist to my local farmers market, and a visit to the LQS to supplement the prior days purchase. 

Tuesday was a trip to the aquarium and an early dinner. 

Today I  cut out the pieces for mom, and she is busy sewing them together on my Featherweight. 

She flies home tomorrow and munchkin will be sad.


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Spring is in the air…

Maybe not officially for a few days, but due to all the rains we have had this rainy season, the pollen count is off the charts.  That translates into much Claritin, Zyrtec and Allegra usage.  And we are due for more rain next week.

Along with allergies has come the extra need to get stuff cleaned up fueled by a couple of necessary reorganizing and straightening of certain areas like the garage.  A house heater repair had to be done which mean moving the stuff out away from the mechanical unit in the garage.  That turned into, let’s finally break down all those empty boxes.  The garage looks considerably better even with the extra work stuff I just had to store out there.

A deep scrub of the kitchen occurred as well and we are slowly making our way through the rest of the house as there are not a lot of available hours to do it in.

Those hours are limited due to another spring time activity – baseball.  Last year in an unprecedented fit of enthusiasm, munchkin decided he wanted to play baseball.  He likes it, a lot.  So we played fall ball too. And now we are in the Pony League’s spring season once again.  His in the Mustang division now where all the teams have names that align with pro teams.  He is on the Giants (very popular hear near the bay for some reason [wink, wink] ). I’ve also managed to get wrangled into being an assistant to the coaches which means I’m there every practice and every game.  Opening weekend was last Saturday with ceremonies in the morning followed by a double header that afternoon.  The silver lining is that our team has no more double headers this season.  We had a game Thursday, practice Friday and another game today.  This is how it will go through the end of May / end of the school year.  Considering how much of my time has been sucked up by baseball, I can only imagine how much worse it is for the head coach as well as one of the assistants who is also league president.

This will mean my creative time is considerably less.  I will have to focus to get that baby quilt done.  Fortunately, I am pretty close to the end with two rows to put together, and three including those to attach, then just the binding.

In all this I’m trying to get the vegetable and herb garden going again.  I have corn sprouting in the kitchen along with a garlic plant and a couple blue potatoes.  After a trip to the hardware store this morning, I’ve added thyme and basil.


English thyme


Sweet basil


The kitchen garden

Lil man also helped set up the DIY vermicomposting bin.  The base stuff is all there though more worms do need to be added.  I haven’t searched for a local source yet, but that’s next.

Tomorrow a much needed pedicure is on the agenda and a visit to the massage therapist on Thursday. All that craziness above is in addition to the day job that pays the bills.  I’m going to need both of those visits so very much.

Wishing you a Happy Spring and a Blessed Equinox.

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All the little things…

I haven’t been able to stitch or quilt for a bit now. The last couple times I was getting ready to sit down and do one or the other we lost power. I’m not going to stitch by candlelight, my eyes and fingers would revolt, and even my old Singer Featherweight requires power. There is a treadle, but it requires a lot of TLC before it will have a chance at functioning again. The recent storms have been wrecking havoc around here between power outages and even an internet outage. Lots of people getting flooded out of their homes or trapped as roads are washed away.

Considering, we got out of it pretty lightly. Small branches / twigs came down but this round was just a lot of wind and water. Our mailbox did fall apart though. According to the neighbor and the landlord (not the same person), the poor thing was over 20 years old. It had also been driven into last year by a work truck so that certainly didn’t help matters. The multiple power blips did fry the thermostat to the heater so we had been relying on the fire place. The thermostat has been replaced. Yay for having heat again!

And we installed a new mailbox today. Took a bit of jerry rigging since the post has been there forever and those mounts don’t seem to be made anymore. However, it was a good excuse to use my power tools.

March starts in two days, and I haven’t had a chance to work on my CQJP block for February yet. Beisdes the storms, Pony League baseball season has started. I’ve managed to volunteer to help coach. We have practices twice a week and the games start on 3/11. Oh, it’s going to be busy, busy, busy.

My Little HelperMy Little Helper


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Monday the 16th

Yesterday, July 16th, was our 13th anniversary. It is kind of funny that it followed a Friday the 13th which have always been great days for me. A couple of big things happened for us besides lucky number 13.

The phone call came that our munchkin has a spot in preschool, and it is the one that was our first choice. It is very exciting, and yet tear inducing as my baby is growing up. I have a little over a month and a half before he really is a big boy. And now I am thinking of all the things I want to do with him before school starts like the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science and Industry (even though they don’t call it that anymore) and the local water park and … I’ sure you get the picture. Maybe when his brothers get back from Ft. Huachuca we can all go together.

The other thing that happened is that the title for the car came in so we now have her free and clear, and I will be able to reduce the insurance cost as well. And this is the first car we ever bought together.

On the crafty side of things, I did make progress on the latest rag doll. I am very happy with how she is turning out. I have planes for some themed ones that speak to the geek in me. And I really do need to go down to the garage and really start looking in those boxes ostensibly marked “Craft” without a hint as to what type. Beyond that, there are the sprinkler heads to repair / switch out and the lavender plants to plant and some research to be done into seed prep and cuttings. I also need to harvest some of those green apples and make apple compote and other things. It just doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day.

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