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Floss Organization,  progress pic 3

Got through the greens and blues.  On to purples then neutrals. 

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Floss Organization,  progress pic 2

Managed to get the oranges and yellows dine and happily discovered that the balls of perle cotton  (8, 12 & 16 ) fit nicely in the bead box.


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Floss Organization,  progress pic 1

So the reds are done.  No, I don’t sort by number but by color and shade.  My closet is the same.

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Billions of Buttons

Ok, so maybe not billions, but a lot. I tweeted earlier that starting this up is forcing me to open and go through those boxes marked “Craft” which I haven’t looked at since we moved here back in January. The first box had one of my framed needlepoint pieces, my oor port and a variety of paper crafting / stamping stuff. The second box held a good chunk of my button collection. I take buttons off of shirts etc. that can’t be worn anymore for whatever reason. I also have picked up containers of them at garage sales as well as the bargain bin at craft shops. DH (dear husband) just shakes his head and walks away not even bothering to waste his breath. Yes, he’s well trained.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the move was a bit rough on the buttons staying sorted so I spent the time, with some … help … from the munchkin, sorting them, cleaning off the bins and bin rack and labeling said bins. Yes, I can be a tad bit OCD about this kind of thing…

The Button Keeper

After seeing me snap a photo of the Button Keeper, my, um, helper, insisted on having one with him in it.

My "Helper"

OCD did have a bit of a run in with Thrifty Miser (aka the Ducth part) though when I realized I had backspaced once too many on the labeling machine and accidentally deleted the last letter of one of the colors. OCD is bothered by it. Thrift Miser refused to waste more label for the one word. Thrifty Miser won.

And, yes, I do manage to organize once in awhile. 😉

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