Getting Dirty

I’m still working, but am doing so remotely. This has been a boon in that I’m not quite so exhausted most weekends and in the afternoons. My yard and garden have benefited and have provided in return.

It’s nice to be able to sit outside or wander around the yard if needed. Many things have been blooming, and the edibles have been doing well overall. Considering our summers are cold and fog laden, having as much develop and come in as I have has been exciting and tasty. The tomatoes and calabacita have been prolific, enough so that I’ve been giving some away. I do need to go out and harvest the sugar snap peas that are ready. The dwarf lime tree I bought last year appears to be producing 3 times as many fruits as it did last year. I’m hoping the kumquat will do the same next year. There have been intriguing buds on the pomegranate so we will have to see what becomes of those.

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