Thank you for joining me on this labor of love.  I need creativity in my life as it gives me balance.  I have a “regular job” out in the world that keeps me fairly busy as well as a young one at home.  Artistry and craftiness feed my soul as does the beautiful town we are blessed to call home.

The AblyAnnie name is in honor and memory of Oma (my paternal grandmother) who passed many years ago and is still missed.  Her name was Annie Evelyn.

If the name AblyAnnie seems familiar, perhaps you once came across as part of a group of stitchers who were designing small free charts.  Meridel Abrams brought together myself, Janet Berger and Lise Noseworthy in this endeavor, and that is when I first used the name.  I remember those days fondly and miss chatting with those gals.  Maybe we will cross paths once again.

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