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Catching up

The year has been flying by.  Here we are in September already. So what’s been going on.

I had a knee injury that sidelined a lot of my physical activity late last year.  I had been up to getting in a 3 mile half run in every morning and then could not even get to the end of the street.   It was addressed with surgery at the beginning of May, and I’m still working on getting back to being able put lots of steps in daily without having to use ice and anti-inflammatory meds at the end of the day.  It’s been slow going.   Despite what the brain says, the body likes to emphatically remind me I’m not as young as I used to be.

Back to school has been hectic and the routines had to adjust for that.  The day job has not let up either.

The office is still being put back together from the big repaint.  Mostly it’s a matter of organizing / finding things a new home.  There’s still one more curtain that needs finishing.

I did try my hand at knitting again.   Being a lefty, YouTube has been helpful as most written instructions simply cannot be reversed unlike crochet and most embroidery.

More recently I’ve begum playing with paint again.   The various pouring techniques are so much fun.   I have five canvases done from a couple of weeks ago and have plans, and supplies even, for more.

In the midst of it all, I’ve been part of a writing team for a TTRPG. They are a great community, and I’m excited to see it all come together.

Today is a federal holiday for those of us in the US, Labor Day.   My son and I spent some time cleaning up the yard.  I was able to put up the additional hummingbird feeder and the bug house.   Michaels had rod iron shepherd hooks on clearance for $5 each which gave me an easy way to hang them up.

Returning inside saw the Navajo art get properly hung, and my elephant herd redone, this time with the addition of a new Buddha.

Elephant figurines and a turquoise Buddha backed by plant life

More to come later.

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Getting Dirty

I’m still working, but am doing so remotely. This has been a boon in that I’m not quite so exhausted most weekends and in the afternoons. My yard and garden have benefited and have provided in return.

It’s nice to be able to sit outside or wander around the yard if needed. Many things have been blooming, and the edibles have been doing well overall. Considering our summers are cold and fog laden, having as much develop and come in as I have has been exciting and tasty. The tomatoes and calabacita have been prolific, enough so that I’ve been giving some away. I do need to go out and harvest the sugar snap peas that are ready. The dwarf lime tree I bought last year appears to be producing 3 times as many fruits as it did last year. I’m hoping the kumquat will do the same next year. There have been intriguing buds on the pomegranate so we will have to see what becomes of those.

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Outdoors craftiness

We have had pleasant afternoons and weekends recently despite wandering into the middle of June.  That’s rare here as fog is the norm, sometimes incredibly thick fog.  Summer time in this locale is not at all like So Cal or even inland from here.  Last July 4th while many folks were posting their barbecue and beach pictures, I had a roaring fire going to ward off the chill.  Considering we have typically mild winters and temps do not have huge fluctuations, I can live with it  In fact, I have acclimated enough that above 70 degrees seems hot and worthy of air conditioning.

All this lovely weather has tempted me to the out of doors, not terribly difficult as long as I remember to take allergy meds.

What has occupied my time the last few weekends has been upcycling reclaimed wood.

The first effort was the raised garden bed.  The bed in and of itself was accomplished fairly quickly.  It was the filling and planting that took most of the time.  I had a celery that grew large and tall and self seeded in several other pots.  There were also a couple of half whiskey barrels in need of emptying and refilling and a few other pots with weeds and edibles needing to be separated.  There is still some to be done, but I do have enough potting soil left.  If all survive and thrive I will have purple potatoes, red potatoes, shallots, celery, tomatoes, green and red leaf lettuce, green onions, thyme, zucchini, cucumber, okra, yellow squash, corn, radishes, carrots, romaine lettuce, bok choi, watermelon, pumpkin and cantaloupe.

I also have a small kitchen window garden with four basil plants, mint and a tea rose.


And this morning the first project I had thought of for the reclaimed wood got done. I now have a firewood rack.


There is still much more to do but I feel like quite a bit has been accomplished!  This last photo shows two more projects.  The bench on the left desperately needs a new cushion.  That’s the bottom of it.  The stool on the right needs the top completely replaced.

Also, all these wood projects meant I was able to play with my  a new to me power tool – a Craftsman circular saw.

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Summer of Art

No work has been done on the mystery quilt in several days as other things have taken our attention.  For instance, this past weekend the clouds and fog decided to clear out and give us nice sunny days.  Happened last weekend too.

The previous weekend gardening happened with lots of weeding required and adding some color via new flowering plants.

The new annuals were a side effect of seeing them at the hardware store where we acquired fishing line.  That with the addition of crimping beads and the bead stash lead to a creative Sunday morning making sun catchers with the munchkin.


Then yesterday after school and while dinner was in the oven, we put together the terrarium using glassware found at the thrift shop along with bought and found sand, shells, twigs and moss.  We even added a little live spider plant.

After dinner, I spent some time with my Featherweight and home decor fabric to make a start market bags.  One is done except for 1.5″ of stitching which is where my bobbin ran out of thread.


I have enough material for 12 at this size.  I am considering making a couple larger.  We shall see.  There’s even a crochet one in progress.

Somewhere in all of this we’ve also pulled out watercolor paints and played with them.


We have plans for clay, potentially more terrariums (depending on what containers we can find at the thrift shops) and sun catchers and, as always, more quilting & sewing.

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Spring is in the air…

Maybe not officially for a few days, but due to all the rains we have had this rainy season, the pollen count is off the charts.  That translates into much Claritin, Zyrtec and Allegra usage.  And we are due for more rain next week.

Along with allergies has come the extra need to get stuff cleaned up fueled by a couple of necessary reorganizing and straightening of certain areas like the garage.  A house heater repair had to be done which mean moving the stuff out away from the mechanical unit in the garage.  That turned into, let’s finally break down all those empty boxes.  The garage looks considerably better even with the extra work stuff I just had to store out there.

A deep scrub of the kitchen occurred as well and we are slowly making our way through the rest of the house as there are not a lot of available hours to do it in.

Those hours are limited due to another spring time activity – baseball.  Last year in an unprecedented fit of enthusiasm, munchkin decided he wanted to play baseball.  He likes it, a lot.  So we played fall ball too. And now we are in the Pony League’s spring season once again.  His in the Mustang division now where all the teams have names that align with pro teams.  He is on the Giants (very popular hear near the bay for some reason [wink, wink] ). I’ve also managed to get wrangled into being an assistant to the coaches which means I’m there every practice and every game.  Opening weekend was last Saturday with ceremonies in the morning followed by a double header that afternoon.  The silver lining is that our team has no more double headers this season.  We had a game Thursday, practice Friday and another game today.  This is how it will go through the end of May / end of the school year.  Considering how much of my time has been sucked up by baseball, I can only imagine how much worse it is for the head coach as well as one of the assistants who is also league president.

This will mean my creative time is considerably less.  I will have to focus to get that baby quilt done.  Fortunately, I am pretty close to the end with two rows to put together, and three including those to attach, then just the binding.

In all this I’m trying to get the vegetable and herb garden going again.  I have corn sprouting in the kitchen along with a garlic plant and a couple blue potatoes.  After a trip to the hardware store this morning, I’ve added thyme and basil.


English thyme


Sweet basil


The kitchen garden

Lil man also helped set up the DIY vermicomposting bin.  The base stuff is all there though more worms do need to be added.  I haven’t searched for a local source yet, but that’s next.

Tomorrow a much needed pedicure is on the agenda and a visit to the massage therapist on Thursday. All that craziness above is in addition to the day job that pays the bills.  I’m going to need both of those visits so very much.

Wishing you a Happy Spring and a Blessed Equinox.

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