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Monday the 16th

Yesterday, July 16th, was our 13th anniversary. It is kind of funny that it followed a Friday the 13th which have always been great days for me. A couple of big things happened for us besides lucky number 13.

The phone call came that our munchkin has a spot in preschool, and it is the one that was our first choice. It is very exciting, and yet tear inducing as my baby is growing up. I have a little over a month and a half before he really is a big boy. And now I am thinking of all the things I want to do with him before school starts like the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science and Industry (even though they don’t call it that anymore) and the local water park and … I’ sure you get the picture. Maybe when his brothers get back from Ft. Huachuca we can all go together.

The other thing that happened is that the title for the car came in so we now have her free and clear, and I will be able to reduce the insurance cost as well. And this is the first car we ever bought together.

On the crafty side of things, I did make progress on the latest rag doll. I am very happy with how she is turning out. I have planes for some themed ones that speak to the geek in me. And I really do need to go down to the garage and really start looking in those boxes ostensibly marked “Craft” without a hint as to what type. Beyond that, there are the sprinkler heads to repair / switch out and the lavender plants to plant and some research to be done into seed prep and cuttings. I also need to harvest some of those green apples and make apple compote and other things. It just doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day.

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Billions of Buttons

Ok, so maybe not billions, but a lot. I tweeted earlier that starting this up is forcing me to open and go through those boxes marked “Craft” which I haven’t looked at since we moved here back in January. The first box had one of my framed needlepoint pieces, my oor port and a variety of paper crafting / stamping stuff. The second box held a good chunk of my button collection. I take buttons off of shirts etc. that can’t be worn anymore for whatever reason. I also have picked up containers of them at garage sales as well as the bargain bin at craft shops. DH (dear husband) just shakes his head and walks away not even bothering to waste his breath. Yes, he’s well trained.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the move was a bit rough on the buttons staying sorted so I spent the time, with some … help … from the munchkin, sorting them, cleaning off the bins and bin rack and labeling said bins. Yes, I can be a tad bit OCD about this kind of thing…

The Button Keeper

After seeing me snap a photo of the Button Keeper, my, um, helper, insisted on having one with him in it.

My "Helper"

OCD did have a bit of a run in with Thrifty Miser (aka the Ducth part) though when I realized I had backspaced once too many on the labeling machine and accidentally deleted the last letter of one of the colors. OCD is bothered by it. Thrift Miser refused to waste more label for the one word. Thrifty Miser won.

And, yes, I do manage to organize once in awhile. 😉

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Hello world!

I doubt I am the first to use that title, but the geek in me insists.  It was the first thing we made appear on the screen way back when I was taking BASIC programming.  🙂

Thank you for joining me on this venture.  It looks to be an interesting one, and we shall see what will come of it.

Items sold here will help support my family as well as a charity with which I am deeply involved.

For the past years I have worked outside the home but now find myself between jobs/contracts/employment.  I am endeavoring to get this up and running fairly quickly, and to use it  to offset the current lack of regular income.

This post is a direct copy of the first one from the provided blog at CraftIsArt.  I had been mulling it over throughout the day and decided that I do need an actual blog that is a bit more robust than what they offer.  It has it’s purposes, yes, but I am after a little bit more.

The various places around the web that you can find AblyAnnie are:

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