Summer of Art

No work has been done on the mystery quilt in several days as other things have taken our attention.  For instance, this past weekend the clouds and fog decided to clear out and give us nice sunny days.  Happened last weekend too.

The previous weekend gardening happened with lots of weeding required and adding some color via new flowering plants.

The new annuals were a side effect of seeing them at the hardware store where we acquired fishing line.  That with the addition of crimping beads and the bead stash lead to a creative Sunday morning making sun catchers with the munchkin.


Then yesterday after school and while dinner was in the oven, we put together the terrarium using glassware found at the thrift shop along with bought and found sand, shells, twigs and moss.  We even added a little live spider plant.

After dinner, I spent some time with my Featherweight and home decor fabric to make a start market bags.  One is done except for 1.5″ of stitching which is where my bobbin ran out of thread.


I have enough material for 12 at this size.  I am considering making a couple larger.  We shall see.  There’s even a crochet one in progress.

Somewhere in all of this we’ve also pulled out watercolor paints and played with them.


We have plans for clay, potentially more terrariums (depending on what containers we can find at the thrift shops) and sun catchers and, as always, more quilting & sewing.

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Mystery WIP progress pic 7

Another shape filled in.

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Mystery WIP progress pic 6

From the front this time.

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Mystery WIP progress pic 5

I was able to work for a bit tonight. I think the quilting is about 1/4 done.

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Mystery WIP progress pic 4

Another shape “filled in”.

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A bit of mending

I have these dress slacks that have needed attention for some time.  A few years ago, long enough that I can’t remember who was the culprit anymore, one of the cats decided to climb the clothing in the closet.  The bottom few inches of these pants were ruined with snags and rips.  Being that this was a really nice, high quality pair being fully lined, I couldn’t stand the idea of just tossing them.  At some point I did cut off the ruined portions.  The remainder has been haunting my studio since.  I had the glimmerings of an idea last night a dug through my box of trims and some trim grab bags I had.  This morning, I converted that idea into reality.  I hemmed both pants and lining, and added a bit of fun trim to the pants hems.  Now they are capris and have touch of seam lace that peaks out just below the hem and a small band of black and white gingham.  I’m quite pleased with the results and have already imagined outfit pairings.

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Quick Cushion

I needed an “instant gratification” project as the mystery quilt is taking time.  Not just in the quilting of it, but the cats keep deciding it’s the purrfect place to snooze, so I keep having to clean the fur off of it.  Stinkers.

Munchkin had a little upholstered stool that at some point recently became highly unstable.  Some part of its structure was broken and it had to go in the bin.  We were out at Cost Plus today and saw this small rattan stool and accompanying cushion.  They were, of course, sold separately.  And the cost of the cushion, well, it was hard to justify knowing that I have a towering boxes of fabric, both new cuts and stuff to be re- or up-cycled.

I knew before we got home what I wanted to use.  The box of denim pieces.  Only a small bit of cutting was required as much of it was cut already.  I threw some random pieces together, and stitched them up to make two pieces that could accommodate 18″ circle cuts.  I laid them down right sides together, and marked 4 cardinal points then drew arcs connecting them to make the circle.  I pinned it, with different ones to call out the turning opening.  I stitched the circled twice just to be sure, took out the pins, turned it and stuffed it with a combination of poly fill and cuttings not suitable for scraps (selvages and the like).  A quick whip stitch sealed it up, and now we have a cushion for considerably less.

And it was a fun little quick project.

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