Adding to the Stash

Why, yes, I am catching up on happenings…

Like many areas, there have been a lot of store closures over the last several months. We’ve lost our Pier 1 and Tuesday Morning. I’ve read that Pier 1 went through a reorg and buy out and will now be online only.

Tuesday Morning didn’t close all their stores, but the next closest one is over an hour away even without traffic. That’s just not feasible for me. Mom tells me the one by her is still open. That will have to be one of our stops when we go down for a visit. Losing TM is harder than losing P1. It fed my eclectic decor tastes, as well as my gourmet food preferences on a budget. Specialty pastas, teas, preserves. I also used to get my random housewares like shower curtains, bath mats, soaps, etc. there. Plus there was the craft section where charm packs, jelly roll, and the occasional yard cut could be found, not to mention the yarns, sketch books, pens, pencils, stamps, and more. You can probably hear me sighing.

Another big loss was our local Beverly’s. This store lost it’s lease. It was a place we could go for arts and craft supplies of all kinds. I would also get a lot of my notions there. Luckily the quilt shop seems to be going strong, however, there are things that cannot be had there and will either have to be ordered or necessitate a drive out to Joann’s, a mere 45 minutes.

While I do still lament the loss of Beverly’s, I did take advantage of their sales. I have my first pair of pinking shears, and they are left handed to boot. I also found a bunch of Hoffman quilting fabric. I took them to the cutting stations and said I’d take whatever was left on the bolt. The 1st trip I brought home seven bolts and the shears. The second trip resulted in four more bolts and another three pairs of shears. I plan to eventually post the extra shears for sale.

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