One more test…

So the good news is that last week’s power outage seemed to have reset the dryers electronics, and it appears to be functioning normally, mostly.
I got an error code, the same one, this morning on the 1st go round but not the 2nd, however I did notice that all the windows were quite fogged up with condensation and not just by the dryer.  This prompted a look behind it which resulted in discovering that the vent hose somehow became disconnected from the back of the dryer.  

I managed to get everything off the top and pulled it out about a foot.  I used the utility grabber so I didn’t have to actually try to get to the floor behind the dryer.  Getting out would have been nigh impossible.   It’s a small space, and I’m nowhere near as thin and flexible as I used to be. And local emergency crews have enough to do without have to rescue me from my own challenges.

So I have the vent in hand and am sitting on the edge of the sink.  I lean sideways to get the vent hose reconnected and lose my balance.  Crap!  I manage to catch myself so I don’t take a header behind the dryer, but now I’m half stuck in the sink.  

I have to holler for the munchkin. When he finally arrives, I say grab my hand and pull up. I get up enough to get my right arm under me then need him to hang on to my legs so I can get myself the rest of the way up.
I’ve also dropped the hose so it’s way back down on the floor again.
Second time I bring over the step ladder and the grabber and figure out a way to partially kneel in the sink so I can have leverage to reach down and reconnect the damn hose.  Hopefully my dryer issues are now resolved.


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