The Worst Summer Ever

Post title is courtesy of my munchkin who really has had the worst summer ever.  We got through summer school without any  problem during June.  Then July arrived, and the start of medical issues that are still ongoing.

It has been trying and exhausting for both of us with two hospital stays and many clinic visits.  He is under excellent care however we still do not have answers regarding cause and continue to treat the symptoms.

His biggest disappointment was the cancelling of the trip to Legoland.  Honestly, I was very much also looking forward to it.  Instead we spent a that time at the hospital and clinic.

Mom came up the Saturday after the first hospital stay and has been here since.  I have desperately needed the extra support.  We are not sure when she will be leaving, and dad has called her more in the time she’s been here than in my entire life.

The closest we have gotten to crafting, artwork or stitching is looking at magazines and carrying around a sketch book and pens and pencils.  We’ve barely managed to keep the food bearing plants watered.  Fortunately we live in a high humidity area where nightly mists / fog / rain is common.  The summer vegetables have not done well, but the tomatoes carry on at least.

It will likely be some time before any more posts happen as my focus has understandably been elsewhere.


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