All the little things…

I haven’t been able to stitch or quilt for a bit now. The last couple times I was getting ready to sit down and do one or the other we lost power. I’m not going to stitch by candlelight, my eyes and fingers would revolt, and even my old Singer Featherweight requires power. There is a treadle, but it requires a lot of TLC before it will have a chance at functioning again. The recent storms have been wrecking havoc around here between power outages and even an internet outage. Lots of people getting flooded out of their homes or trapped as roads are washed away.

Considering, we got out of it pretty lightly. Small branches / twigs came down but this round was just a lot of wind and water. Our mailbox did fall apart though. According to the neighbor and the landlord (not the same person), the poor thing was over 20 years old. It had also been driven into last year by a work truck so that certainly didn’t help matters. The multiple power blips did fry the thermostat to the heater so we had been relying on the fire place. The thermostat has been replaced. Yay for having heat again!

And we installed a new mailbox today. Took a bit of jerry rigging since the post has been there forever and those mounts don’t seem to be made anymore. However, it was a good excuse to use my power tools.

March starts in two days, and I haven’t had a chance to work on my CQJP block for February yet. Beisdes the storms, Pony League baseball season has started. I’ve managed to volunteer to help coach. We have practices twice a week and the games start on 3/11. Oh, it’s going to be busy, busy, busy.

My Little HelperMy Little Helper


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2 responses to “All the little things…

  1. I like your new mailbox! Ours does not have a door on it and yes, my husband is a contractor! Cute helper!

    • I had considered building once from scratch but decided against it. I we owned instead of rented I would change it out to a wood one and add a library (encouraged by our town) and a pantry.

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